ManageFlood Policyholder Portal:
Agent Resources and Overview

  • The ManageFlood portal is a tool for your policyholders to pay their renewal bill, report a claim, track the progress of their claim, and manage their flood insurance policy.

  • ManageFlood is available 24/7 and is designed to work on your policyholder's device of choice, such as their smartphone and laptop.

  • The easy-to-use, self-service tool is helpful in our new landscape where we are more frequently conducting business remotely using digital tools, such as ManageFlood.

Watch a brief overview about ManageFlood:


How-to videos for your policyholders + corresponding email templates


Email Template for Policyholders Who May Need to Report a Claim

Here is the email template to download and customize. It provides step x step instructions on how to report a claim with a link to the video above.

*Policyholder Tip When Reporting a Claim via ManageFlood: Login to report the claim as it automatically starts the claims process for a faster claims experience.


Email Templates for Policyholders Who Need to Renew Their Flood Policy

Here is the email template to download and customize for policyholders who are near their policy expiration date. The template includes the link to the video above.

Here is the email template to download and customize for policyholders who are within their 30-day grace period.


Email Templates for Prospective Policyholders

Here is the email template to download and customize for prospective flood insurance policyholders who already received their flood insurance application invoice.

*Sales Tip: When sending your customer their flood insurance application invoice, include their MapIt report, showing the personalized flood risk for their property.

No Login Required

For simplicity, there are several actions that do not require a password. 

  1. Pay a renewal bill.
  2. Pay for a new flood insurance application.
  3. Report a claim*.

*It is recommended that policyholders login to report a claim because it automatically starts the claims process for a faster experience.

Pay Renewal Bill

Policyholders will need the following information found on their flood insurance renewal bill to make a payment without logging in:

  • Policy Number
  • Billing ID

Pay for New Flood Insurance Policy

Policyholders will need the following information from their flood insurance application invoice to make a payment without logging in:

  • Application ID
  • Billing ID

Log In

The landing page makes it easy to sign in to your policyholder's account. Simply select "Log In" and a new window will appear where they will enter their email address and password.

If a ManageFlood account has not been created, after your policyholder selects "Log In", they will click on "Create New Flood Account" and follow the prompts to register.

Policyholder Dashboard

After policyholders register for their account and log into ManageFlood, they will see their flood insurance dashboard.

This provides an overview of their flood insurance policy and allows them to take additional actions to self-service, which include:

  • Report a Claim
  • Update Policy Contact Info
  • Manage Account

Report Claim

Once in the dashboard, your policyholder may report a flood insurance claim by selecting "Report Claim" from the action menu. 

Follow the prompts to file their claim.

After the claim is reported when logged in to ManageFlood, it will automatically start the required steps necessary to kick off the claim. This means a faster claims process.

Your policyholders will also be able to track the progress of their claim by selecting "View" in the claim history on the dashboard.

Update Policy Contact

Policyholders can update their flood insurance policy contact information directly in ManageFlood.

Manage Account

This allows your policyholder to change their account information, link another flood insurance policy, and change their ManageFlood password.

Notifications, Documents, and Resources

These items are found on the right panel of the dashboard.

  • Notifications will alert your policyholder when there is something they need to know regarding their flood insurance policy.
  • Documents are flood insurance materials available to download such as your policyholder's declarations page.
  • Resources are educational flood insurance related materials.

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