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FEMA's Pivot and Risk Rating 2.0 System Upgrade:
Beginning April 25, 2024 - April 29, 2024

FEMA’s Pivot and Risk Rating 2.0 will be offline due to database upgrades. During the upgrade, access to Pivot, including the rating engine, will not be available beginning Thursday, April 25 starting at noon ET. Pivot will be online and ready for business on Monday, April 29, at 8 am ET. This means FEMA’s rating system will be down.

Here is an overview of how this impacts you:

  1. NEW BUSINESS: Will be able to rate with provisional rates
    • Provisional underwriting procedures will be applied, per the Flood Insurance Manual (FIM)

  2. RENEWALS and ENDORSEMENTS: During this time, rating will not be available for renewals and endorsements. As soon as the outage is over, renewals will reprocess and go out.
    • Monetary endorsements will receive a message notifying you the rating engine is unavailable

    • Canceling Polices: Regular cancels can proceed and will be reported to Pivot once the outage is over
    • Cancel/Rewrites: Cannot be completed until the outage is over

  4. CLAIMS: Claims processing can proceed and all Pivot transactions will be reported once the outage is over.

  5. COMPLIANCE: Pivot processing will not be available during the outage. Existing Pivot errors cannot be worked during the outage. Pivot reporting will be paused, holding all transactions until Pivot is back online.

There should not be any impacts to the ManageFlood policyholder portal.

Private Flood Insurance
Private flood insurance options are not impacted for enabled products.

Agent Action Plan
We encourage the following action plan:

  1. Communicate this notice to your team.
  2. Quote transactions prior to the April 24, 2024, outage.
  3. Check policies that may need an endorsement and complete prior to April 24.
  4. Understand Provisional Rating: Issued policies with provisional rating will be sent for Risk Rating 2.0 rates as soon as the outage is over. If the policyholder overpaid, a refund will be issued. If the policyholder underpaid, payment will be requested. If no payment is received, the policy will be rewritten with lower coverage limits that match the received premium


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